New York in 5 Days – Roman Plesky


The perceptions of New York vary between metropolitan nightmare and multi-cultural paradise. New York is so vast that almost everything said about it is likely to be true and the opposite is probably equally true. The city is characterized by their dynamic change. Wealth and poverty live side by side, as well as young and old. At one end of the street you will be crushed by skyscrapers, at the other end one finds gothic magnificent buildings and spacious lawns. New York is a mystery that attracts just about all.

Do you want to discover this megacity at close range? Do you want to go to the most beautiful places in the city? Do you want to shoot the most spectacular holiday pictures? Although you have 5 days holiday only? Then this E-Book is the right tool for you!

In this e-book, you will be inspired by the countless countryside and city photos. At the same time learns the user with the help of Google Maps locating, how to goes to the photo shot spots or where the pictures are taken from. Here you can try by self the high art of photography.

The author is wishing a good success and a memorable holiday on the most beautiful city in the world.

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